cantodotexugato sent: Parabens pelo casamento! Muitas felicidades pra vc e seu marido~ <3

Muuuito obrigada texugato-chan \o/ Espero ser muito feliz também, estou amando a vida de casada apesar de meu tempo livre a noite ter sumido =p Beijos! ;*

Haineko ;*

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I’ve been tagged!

Sorry about the the delay, but I’m super glad when I saw Hoka’s message with this tag, so here I am!

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  • Rule #1 always post the rules.
  • Rule #2 answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.
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How are you today?
I’m happy! Just got back from my honey moon <3

Who do you think will win Pasta from an Italian Restaurant or Noodles from a Japanese Restaurant?
Form me, Pasta lol

What was the last YAOI manga you read?
Ten Count (Still reading though)

Did you ever stole something? (from you family, store or anywhere?)
Hmnn, yes. Probably, if stealing a soap from my friend’s housecounts 8D

This Summer did you travel? Where did you go?
The beeeeach!

What’s the most embarrassing experience you add so far?
That’s not difficult, when I told my friend she look beautiful with that pregnant belly of hers. But she wasn’t pregnant, just TOO fat since the last time I saw her ^^’

Do you like? *panick*
Yes, I guess? I don’t know what she was referring… .-.

Are you in love?
Completely inlove <3

What is your most favorite object?
My cell phone.

Tell me, what is the most sexy part in human body (male or female)?
Hm… Tough question. In male, for me, it’s this part:You know? When the waist ends and a little bellow of the belly button. *nosebleed*

Finally last question, did you liked this tag?
You kidding? I love it!

My questions now!

  1. Where do you live?
  2. Do your mom knows you like BL/Yaoi stuff?
  3. Food question: Sushi or Pizza?
  4. If you could choose where to live, where it would be?
  5. How old are you?
  6. You rather: Man or Woman?
  7. If you see Lion, would you run or say “HOW CUUUUTE!” and hug him? :3
  8. Are you enjoying my lame questions? please, say yes
  9. Have cats?
  10. Have dogs?
  11. Are you happy today? :)

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Male Ninetales gijinka by request.

Recruta! - Editor/Tradutor Inglês e Tradutor Francês



Vaga para Tradutor de Francês!

O Yaoi Toshokan está com uma nova parceria e com isso conseguimos muitos scans em Francês! Se você sabe ou conhece alguém que saiba francês, por favor entre em contato.

Temos mais de 40 mangás pra escolher, mas precisamos de pelo menos um tradutor de francês, caso contrário perderemos a parceria e a oportunidade de ter ótimos mangás em português, são mangakas famosas e títulos fofos do jeitinho do Toshokan ><

Por favor, entre em contato com haineko-senpai @ hotmail . com ou danny_lenneth @ hotmail . com (tire os espaços) que lhes passaremos mais detalhes!

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Sauce: れす

【小政】春コミポスター | あまま [pixiv] 

HeatStrike | あまま [pixiv] 

いろいろ by I

Art by ニグロRate and/or fav the artist!~